Advanced Environmental Consulting provides a wide range of industrial hygiene services for commercial, industrial and governmental organizations. Our trained and knowledgeable professionals can assist with the identification, evaluation and control of physical and chemical hazards to ensure compliance with current regulatory requirements.

Our services include:

mold houseAir Monitoring
Perform breathing zone and/or area monitoring to determine the need for controls or whether no further action is warranted.

Site Surveys
Conduct industrial hygiene surveys to determine potential exposures to hazardous agents and communicate any follow up recommendations.

Noise Evaluation
Conduct noise studies to determine compliance with the OSHA hearing conservation standard.

Indoor Air Quality
Conduct indoor air investigations to identify problems, determine root cause(s) and recommend further actions. Testings include: VOC's, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, bacteriologicals, radon, ammonia, etc.

Ventilation Studies
Measure effectiveness of exhaust ventilation systems and provide engineering recommendations.

Emergency Response Support
Technical support given by certified safety and industrial hygiene professionals.

Industrial Hygiene Program Auditing
Conduct audits at client owned facilities to determine current viability of existing programs.